We are a community volunteer group focused on improving the environmental condition of Sixth Creek – a permanent watercourse that rises in Uraidla and flows northwards into the River Torrens at Castambul.

We have three active project areas.

Merchants Road Riparian Zone

The first area of interest is within privately owned sections of creek alongside Merchants Road in Basket Range – the Merchants Road Riparian Zone

 Burdetts Scrub rehabilitation project

The second area is further along Merchants Road in Basket Range and within Burdetts Scrub Conservation Park. This Burdetts Scrub rehabilitation project started as an opportunity to respond to the mass germination of invasive Montpelier Broom and other weeds following the May 2013 Cherryville fire.

The Lower Sixth Creek Riparian Zone Rehabilitation Project

The third, and our most recent project, the Lower Sixth Creek Riparian Zone Rehabilitation Project, is along the mainly privately owned lower section of creek before it enters the River Torrens. This project involves the removal of invasive trees and other non-native species and the ecological rehabilitation of the lower section of Sixth Creek before it enters the River Torrens.

Our work relies on both Government grants and private donations to start and pursue specific weed control targets which can then be added to and expanded with locally organised replanting of indigenous species and ongoing weed management plans. Our work necessarily involves the cooperation and support of local landholders and residents.

The success in what we have already achieved by clearing and cleaning many kilometres of creek line of previously impenetrable willow, blackberry and bamboo (arundo grass) is a result of many hours of community effort. We invite, encourage and depend on community volunteer support to achieve our objective of improving and rehabilitating the riparian zone along Sixth Creek. Much of our activity is carried out by means of regular working bees, the times and details of which can be found on our website, our facebook page or by contacting committee members.

New people are always welcome to join new friends and enthusiastic residents at our working bees and to volunteer participation on our committee.

Contact details

Email 6thcreek@gmail.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sixthcreek.catchmentgroup
Website: http://sixthcreek.com/